リクルートホールディングスの「ケイコとマナブ.net」が発表している “人気おケイコランキング” で、毎年不動の1位を継続中なのが「英語」! 2020年に向け、さらに英語を習得したいという人たちが増えていて、ますます人気は高まっています。

In the Keiko Popularity Ranking provided by Recruit Holdings (via keikotomanabu.net, a website which helps connect people with classes to learn subjects of interest), the #1 ranked item year after year is English! As 2020 approaches, more and more people are looking to gain proficiency in English, and interest in the subject continues to increase.

英語を学びたいけど、なんかちょっとハードルがあるなぁ…なんて思っているあなた! ビールを飲みながら英語を学べるなら、ビール女子的に「最高っ♪」じゃないですか?!

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “I’d like to learn English, but there are a lot of obstacles to doing so.” But what if you could learn English and drink beer at the same time? Sounds fantastic for beer girls, right? While it might sound like something we can only dream about, I got to sneak into just one such lesson for this article.


楽しくて、とにかく内容が “濃い!”
It’s fun, and the content is certainly “rich”!


そこは、Hobby+Englishをテーマに様々なクラスを運営している「カスタマイズ英会話We」。好きなことをしながら英語も学べてしまうという一石二鳥のホビングリッシュは、勉強するという意識のないまま “知らず知らずのうちに”生きた英語が身につくということで人気の英会話教室です。
現在15種類のバラエティあふれるHobbyをテーマに、ホビングリッシュクラスを開催中。その一つが今回潜入取材することになった「ビール ホビングリッシュ」です。

We Customized Eikaiwa offers a number of classes called Hobby English. The concept is to study English through participating in a special interest. It’s two birds with one stone; you end up learning English while doing something you enjoy. You hardly even realize you’re studying, and you’re able to pick up English through activities. These are popular classes. There are currently 15 different class focuses, one of which is Beer Hobby English. I went to check it out.



I signed up for the March 11 (Saturday) class, and arrived before the class began at 17:30. The school is a café-like space, and one corner of it had already been prepared for the lesson, complete with snacks. Including me, there were 8 participants: 5 men and 3 women. I felt this was just the right amount.

講師は、Alisha Ivelich先生。先生の自己紹介やレッスンの概要の説明の後、隣り合った人とお互い自己紹介してスタートします。打ち解けてきたところで、先生が用意してくれた1杯め、アメリカ・カリフォルニアのGreen Flash(グリーン・フラッシュ)のPale Ale(ペールエール)の『Nugget Single Hop(ナゲット・シングル・ホップ)』で乾杯です。「Let’s Enjoy Hobby-english! Cheers!!」

The instructor was Alisha Ivelich. Following her self-introduction and an overview of the lesson content, we introduced ourselves to the person sitting next to us, and began. Once we had all gotten comfortable, we began with a “cheers!” over Green Flash Pale Ale Nugget Single Hop (from California), prepared by the instructor. “Let’s enjoy Hobby-english! Cheers!”



Turning the pages of the text, I thought…Wow, this is the real thing!
The text begins with the history of beer, then moves on to ingredients, continues to describe the difference between ales and lagers, and then moves on to descriptions of the beer styles belonging to these two groups. Following that, there’s basic vocabulary relating to beer, information about how to order beer in a beer bar, questions to ask about beer, and some ways to talk about flavors and the drinking experience.


でも、レッスンはとてもフランクで和気あいあいとなごやかに進みます♪ 講義の内容には、学校の近隣にあるオススメのビアバーやクラフトビールが買える店まで英語で紹介してくれるので、帰りに立ち寄りたくなっちゃいます!

Despite this intense content, the lesson is very straightforward and relaxed. The lecture also includes recommendations for beer bars and stores selling craft beer near the school, which makes you want to drop by on your way home!


The beer line up was also amazing!


“Well, if all you know is boring Japanese major beer, then let us introduce you to the delicious world of craft beer,” remarked Alisha, the lovely instructor. The lesson I was part of was held just as hanami season was approaching, and the beer selection we drank on the day had been chosen with this in mind. These are the beers we drank during our 85 minute lesson! ↓ボビングリッシュ

(写真左より from left
・グリーンフラッシュ ブルーイング『ナゲットシングルホップ』(ペールエール)
Green Flash『Nugget Single Hop』(Pale Ale)
Plank Bier『Hefeweizen』(Hefeweizen)
・ギルガメッシュ ブルーイング『リッジウェイIPA』(インディア・ペールエール)
Gilgamesh『Ridgeway IPA』(India Pale Ale)
Karl Strauss『Peanut Butter Cup』(Porter)
Stone『Mint Coffee Milk Stout』(Stout)


Dark chocolate was prepared to accompany the final two dark beers. In addition to enjoying pairings, we got to talk a lot about things like the beers we liked, where we enjoyed going drinking, etc.


There was an incredible amount of information! I asked Alisha what the secret was.



Alisha is from Oregon in the USA. But it isn’t just that she happened to have been born in the holy land of craft beer. She knows a lot about the subject, so I asked her why.




—I was really surprised at the in-depth, thorough lesson content.
Alisha: Actually, I used to work at a beer import company in Japan. They also did craft beer. Through that experience (and of course while learning about beer from outside Japan), I got interested in things like the basics of how beer is made. Through learning about that, I gained an interest in Japanese craft beer. Personally, I think that through things like beer and food, communicating with people becomes a lot of fun. I’m interested in creating a kind of culture where, for example, the first time you try a new beer or a new food, it creates an opportunity for you to talk to people. I actually check the Beer Girl website a lot, so when I heard you would be visiting today I was a little nervous.

No no! We’re thrilled that you read our magazine!


I also spoke with two of the Beer Girls in the class to ask about their impressions of the lesson!


The class is usually about half men and half women, so I asked two of the women who joined this particular lesson about why they chose to participate.



Tomoko Ishihara: I take lessons at this English school, so I decided to sign up for this lesson because I noticed it was available. I actually work for a beer company. Through my job, I do a lot of work in English relating to beer, but I wanted to know how other people are learning about it, so I decided I’d come to this lesson. At the company I work for, we handle white beer, which is a popular beer marketed to women. Up until today, I thought that stout beer (which we drank today) wouldn’t be something women would enjoy. But in today’s lesson, it was paired with chocolate, and I discovered it was delicious, so this is definitely something I can use!



Mai Kamiya: Really, I just like beer. This is my third time taking this class. When I was little, I lived in Malaysia, and I really liked using English. Now, when I drink beer and loosen up just a little bit, the English conversation skill comes back. The first time I took Hobby English it was actually the nihonshu class, but through these lessons I’ve learned that there are a lot of craft beers. I’ve gotten sucked into it, so I guess I’m stuck on the beer team now! [laughs]. I got to drink a lot of different beers I didn’t know about, so I’m really looking forward to going to a shop and asking for the beers I enjoyed in this lesson.


Next class is scheduled for August 5 (Saturday). Content changes with the season.

ビール ホビングリッシュの講師は、今回講師だったAlisha先生と、もう一人男性の講師がいらっしゃるそうです。また、レッスン中に飲めるビールの種類もその時のテーマや季節に合わせて毎回内容は変わります。だからこそ、神谷さんのように通ってしまうのもわかる気がしますね。

The instructors for Beer Hobby English are Alisha, who taught this session, and one other male instructor. Additionally, the types of beers prepared for drinking during the lesson are chosen in accordance with a theme or with the season, so they change every time. That makes it easy to understand how a person might take this class multiple times, like Ms. Kamiya.


Registration for the class opens 1 month before the date of the lesson. For the August 5 (Saturday) lesson, the registration deadline is July 28 (Friday). Each session is limited to 8 people, so if you’re interested in participating, please inquire; contact information is available at the end of this article.


I also learned quite a lot. I think I might have to go for a private lesson next time.

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